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Bastion of Thunder Trash Farming

bastion of thunder gold farming guide

Gold Per Hour : 5-10k+

Notable Items : Embersilk Cloth, Transmog Items

The Bastion of Thunder is a Cataclysm raid zone in the Twilight Highlands. Most level 100 players will easily solo the trash here on 25man heroic. For this method you will only be farming the first room of the zone, if you venture any further you will meet a boss and you must not kill any bosses or else the zone will lock and you won’t be able to reset it. It’s a bit to easy actually, just kill everything in the first room. The room is small but has a ton of mobs in it. Loot, exit and repeat 10 times. After 10 times you must wait an hour before you can reset again. 10 runs took me 19 and a half minute and i got 400 Embersilk and a lot of green/blue/epic transmog and vendor trash.

I tend to farm this place throughout the week, and everytime i’m there i also go north in the Twilight Highlands to check if Julak-Doom is up and kill him for more awesome transmog items that sell for a lot. When it gets close to wednesday and server reset i do the entire instance so that i will get the drops from the bosses here as well.

This guide is up to date and working with WoW : WoD Patch 6.2

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