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Best Raids to Farm for Gold

Raids to farm in wow for gold

Most level 100 characters should now be able to effieciently farm most raids up to Cataclysm, even the Heroic 25 man ones, and that means big cash! Not all raids are profitable to farm but some of them are very. Below i will list the raids that i farm on a weekly basis for gold.

Vanilla :

Molten Core : Molten Core is stil a gold mine as you can see in this guide, if Blood of the Mountain and Fiery Cores sell for a lot on your server. I farm the trash near the entance and mine stuff around here every week and make a good few thousand gold of it every week.

Temple of / Ruins of Ahn’Quiraj (Optional) : These two zones can provide some decent gold as there are a high density of mobs in certain areas of the zones.

Blackwing Lair (Optional) : Not something i do every week, but if i am already in the area to do Molten Core or Blackwing Decent, i might drop by here as well.

The Burning Crusade :

Black Temple : I farm Black Temple every week! Tons of mobs and tons of drops, do not miss this one.

Karazhan : Karazhan is pretty decent for gold. I usually finish it up to before the Chess game or even earlier some of the time.

Sunwell Plateau : Also a good zone to farm. especially near the entrance. Here i generally farm the trash near the entrance (in one big pull), go out and reset and do over. I do this 5-10 times before i run the entire instance. The recipes that drop from the trash here sell for quite a few hundred gold on my server so farming the trash makes a lot of gold.

Serpentshrine Cavern (Optional) : Also a pretty decent zone, on my server motes of life sell for a good amount so i tend to swing by here.

Wrath of the Lich King :

Naxxramas : Good instance, filled with mobs.

Icecrown Citadel : Very good zone to hit up. Especially if you can do the 25 man one and get Primordial Saronite off the bosses. (Sell for 100 – 300 gold on my server). Even nicer if you have some friends that can do the Shadowmourne quest with you, so that you can get Tabard of the Lightbringer that sells for 50k gold +.

Cataclysm :

Firelands : This is one of the big gold makers. For max profit, farm the trash first like in our guide here.

Bastion of Twilight : Also a nice zone. The entrance can be farmed here also for a ton of Embersilk Cloth (400+ in 15minutes) and other goodies. Farm the entrance for as long as you want, then do rest of the zone.

Blackwing Decent : Quick and easy. Usually do this while i’m farming Molten Core entrance.

Throne of the Four Winds (Optional) : Optional since it’s pretty small and out of the way. Good gold though for how quick it is to finish.

Dragon’s Soul (Optional) : A bit of a hassle but also good gold


That’s about it. I haven’t really hit up any MoP raids yet, except the entrance to Heart of Fear, but that’s been nerfed. This guide will be updated as we get closer to Legion release and into Legion.

This guide is up to date and working with WoW : WoD Patch 6.2

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